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Unformatted text preview: xamples, analogies The speech n n n Reiterate what you say in different ways for different learners Write, edit and cut Practice 3 Presenting as a team n n n n Select a leader Evaluate team members’ strengths and weaknesses, personality traits and overall skills Each presenter should have their own agenda and responsibilities for the presentation TimelineTimeline-anticipate extra preparation time Presenting as a team n Bringing it all together: introduction, conclusion, transition between parts Consistent look, feel, format and vocabulary n Questions from audience n Listen and deliver team assistance n n n n Practice, practice, practice Communication Dress rehearsal 4 How to support what you say n n n n n Handouts Videos Audio Props or visuals PowerPoint PowerPoint: The basics n n n n n n Talking points, clear, concise “Tool” to supplement what you say Size: 44 points for titles, around 30 points for text Fonts: easy to read, 1-2 fonts (serif and sans 1serif), compatible across platforms Colors: appropriate for speech and audience Remain consistent 5 PowerPoint: Beyond the basics n n n n Transitions Links to Web pages Pictures Video and sound Reference n n n “The Communicator’s Handbook: Techniques and Technology,” Agricultural Communicators in Education. Brody Communications Ltd. Center for Business Communication, Carnegie Mellon University 6...
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