Lamott - Seminar in Composition Forgiveness Anne Lamott's...

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Seminar in Composition Forgiveness Anne Lamott’s Traveling Mercies is filled with essays of some thoughts on faith . Through her use of diction, utilizing similes and alliteration while incorporating a chuckle or two, Lamott is able to relate her trials and tribulations to something understandable for her audience. The personal anecdotes that spatter the pages help to connect the reader to Lamott as she discusses her struggles and conquests as she hops from lily pad to lily pad. By stressing key words, Lamott is able to persuade the reader to take her side and see the errors of others’ ways, while at the same time blind to her own. Lamott’s essay “Forgiveness” discusses the persistency God uses to open Lamott’s eyes to the necessity of forgiveness. It is difficult to suddenly change a mindset of many years after finally realizing the self-harm it is subtly inflicting. Unforgiveness is a sin; Lamott’s reluctance to forgive begins to wear her down as she is reminded that “we are not punished for the sin but by the sin” (128). This essay focuses on how she comes to the startling realization that this is true; it is a “what goes around comes around” based on faith. Lamott incorporates similes and metaphors in her essay as devices used to illustrate her point. Stubborn and set in her path of unforgiveness, Lamott remarks how suddenly deciding to become hooked on forgiveness “was like trying to become a
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Lamott - Seminar in Composition Forgiveness Anne Lamott's...

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