persepolis - 1-17-07Notebook 1There are many biographical...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-17-07Notebook 1There are many biographical historic novels in which the author regurgitates the war he survived and the casualties suffered by family and friends. Through disjointed paragraphs and descriptive words, he walks the reader through his harrowing and unique experience. Marjane Satrapi dares to step outside of the norm by invoking illustrations to depict what her words could not. Her memoir, Persepolisand Persepolis 2,permit the reader to progress beyond what Satrapis words communicate and glance into her recollections and emotions. The illustrations can reinforce a stated opinion or fact and validate a significant moment. The graphic novel enables Satrapi to allow her prose and illustrations to disagree; by doing so, she imparts two thoughts at the same time. This can be more powerful than a traditional memoir because sentiments can be more effectively evoked through the illustrations. Pain, torture, loneliness, and confusion are more evident when one can look at the character that is experiencing said emotion and watch as the painful transformation overcomes his eyes and being, engulfing him in his reality.In Persepolis, Satrapi becomes disgusted by the fact that a million deaths could have been prevented and she rebels. Her illustrations both contrast and mimic her prose on page 117. The use of illustrations on this page is vital because the words only explain one succession of events while two are occurring. The nine sketches on the page serve a purpose that could not have been accomplished with two pages or any sketches larger or smaller than those drawn. In the first sketch, Satrapi lies prostrate on the ground, an...
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persepolis - 1-17-07Notebook 1There are many biographical...

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