Some of my students have in the dakota state

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Unformatted text preview: thes. Some of my students have, in the Dakota State University Page 7 of 232 Safety Guidelines General Chemistry I and II Lab Manual past, brought old clothes with them in a gym bag and changed right before and after lab. Be especially careful of sleeves around open flames.. (8) Long hair is to be constrained. Like hanging clothes, long hair is subject to fire and contact with chemicals. A rubber band will be used to constrain particularly long hair if necessary. (9) No radios, tape players, CD players or any other devices of this type will be permitted in the laboratory at any time. Loud music is distracting, and headphones prevent you from hearing announcements or verbal warnings given in the lab. Safety Equipment (1) Take the time to identify all of the laboratory safety equipment, and keep their location in your mind at all times. You should be able to close your eyes any time during a lab and point to such safety equipment as the fire extinguisher, the emergency eyewash stations, the fire blankets, the safety shower, etc. If you were to splash a chemical in your eyes, you'd better be able to find that eyewash station without your eyes well before permanent damage can occur (which can be seconds depending on the nature of the chemical). (2) Check all safety equipment. I'll keep as close an eye on it as possible, but I need your help as well. Is the fire extinguisher charged? Does it have the plastic "seal"? Is there enough sodium bicarbonate in case there is a chemical spill? If anything does not look right to you, report it to your lab instructor IMMEDIATELY! (3) Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDS's) are available to you on request only. Basic safety information will be given during the safety lecture before each lab. Yow can also find links for MSDS’s on my homepage at if you are interested. General Behavior (1) ABSOLUTELY NO HORSEPLAY WILL BE TOLERATED IN THE LABORATORY! Offenders of this one will be unceremoniously cast out with a zero resulting for that day's work. I realize that at times it is awfully tempting to grab that water bottle and squirt your friends, but many hazardous chemicals look like water. The humor will be lost if something other than water is in that bottle. (2) Always read the upcoming experiments carefully and thoroughly, being sure to understand all of the directions before entering the lab. This will help you to be prepared to handle any hazards of the experiment, and will also help you to perform the experiment more quickly resulting in less "fumbling around" and reckless work as you rush to finish on time. To ensure that you have read the upcoming experiment, you are required to complete the pre- lab Dakota State University Page 8 of 232 Safety Guidelines General Chemistry I and II Lab Manual assignment before entering the lab. If your fail to complete the pre -lab assignment on time, you will not be allowed to perform the experiment. (3) Be in the lab and ready promptly...
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