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quiz 1 - Napoleon 1804-1814 Louis XvII Charles X Louis XIV...

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Unformatted text preview: Napoleon- 1804-1814 Louis XvII Charles X Louis XIV- founded the academy of the arts in 1648? Charles Caudelaire- 1648 Cabanell- the birth of venus Louie Leroy- maybe said impressionists were derogatory? Alsace Lorraine Paul de roulade Eugen Weber- wanted to change ‘peasants into Frenchmen’ Marcel Pagnol- clip “my father’s glory” P gauguin Marrianne-bust, symbol of republic Louis Guillatine-1793 1804-1814 First empire- Napoleon 1848-1852- Second republic Napoleon the third tried to get another term by changing the constitution, wanted the people and army on his side, adopted universal suffrage (must be 21, not a serious criminal, not crazy, resident) people elected him by a mile. dec 2 1851 coup de ta Captured in sedan in marking the beginning of the third republic 1852-1870-second empire ends with defeat of france in Franco-Prussion War, Haussmann- 1853-1870, prefect of the seine in charge of urbanization program appointed by napoleon, moved everything out of the way of the avenue Gustave Courbet- 1851 history of a burial at ornans, displayed publicly going against the grain, the...
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