quiz 2 - The Boulanger Affair-result of franco-prussian war...

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The Boulanger Affair -result of franco-prussian war even though 10+years later Revanchistes-Nationalists=nation above the republic, revenge, re-cooperate Alsace and Lorraine, nationalists from left and right General Georges Ernest Jean-Marie Boulanger - ‘General revenge’, 1889 elected representative For Paris Paul deroulede -founded the league of patriots encouraged Boulanger to do a coup de ta and takeover…goes against principles of democratic state-made Boulanger flee to Belgium- maybe fortune teller or mistress. .committed suicide or was murdered to look like it. Republicans could no longer turn a blind eye to the danger the nationalists posed to republican principles, French far right separated itself from the rest of the political spectrum The Dreyfus Affair -1894 captain Alfred Dreyfus sent to Devils island for high treason Edward Drumont - “Jewish France: An essay on Cont History”, jew=outsider w/ allegiance to $, infiltrated all sectors to take down France-from 1886 on his anti-jewness caught on Maurice Barres - La Patrie Francais “french fatherland”, war=sacred duty, “chronicle of the great war” (1915), blood and soil Charles Maurras - french action, 1899 immigrants and jews don’t have the instinct, 1896 olympics made weak by increase of jews ^all right wing nationalists (others) anti-dreyfusards
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quiz 2 - The Boulanger Affair-result of franco-prussian war...

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