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Unformatted text preview: FRENCH 169. QUIZ # 5 GUIDELINES. 305-355. -The Poujadist Movement (named after pierre pouja) 1955 union for the defense for shopkeepers+artisans led to national front…both kind of racist and want to maintain old france culture Jean-Marie Le Pen-founder of extreme right neofascist movement the national front-The New Wave (characteristics; Francois Truffaut-french film notebook “400 blows”, Jean-Luc Godard-“Breathless”). Hand held cameras, improv, unprofessional actors, low budget/set sets, jump cut-The New Novel –subjective, you become the character ( Michel Butor , A Change of Heart ) not traditional, only real penises, no symbolism-1967 Guy Debord and Society of the Spectacle- prophetic ; Raoul Vaneigem Treatise on Living for the Use of the Young Generation.- situationists, revolution not far away Post degaulle years-May 68 Protest against capitalism P310- Louis Malle , May’s Fools . About may 68, truck driver wants more of the capitalist pie, pierre allen is a university ....
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