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final study sheet - Final 1944-present People Louis malle...

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Unformatted text preview: Final 1944-present People: Louis malle- may fools Gertrude stein-writer, humorist, salon in paris, gathering place for like-minded people Charles de gaulle-official leader of resistance during wwII, 5 th republic 58-69 George pompidou- 69-74 right traditional Marshall petain- leader of vichy gov, served life in prison, too old to get the death penalty, a seat was left open for him in the French academy Marcel ayme- novel Uranus, collaborated and agreed with germans Simone de Beauvoir- the second sex, founding text of feminism Alain resnais- directed Hiroshima my love Marguerite duras-novel Hiroshima my love Laval-executed after war Maurice papon-not brought to trial for role during occulation until 80’s Jean-paul Sartre- being and nothingness, founding text of existentialism, ‘existence preceeds essence’ Robert brasillach-found guilty of treason, journalist with action francais (right wing movement founded by Charles maurras) also wrote for je suis partout (I am everywhere), executed Valery gidcard d’estaing- 74-81, right traditional Robert Paxton-vichy france: old guard and new order Louis aragon-reacts violently to ford replacing statue, materialsm Samuel beckett- waiting for godot Jacquest tati- things? The movie with the uncle all futuristicy Ali la pointe, djafar, ben m’itidi- member of the FLN Frantz fanon- black skin white masks, from Martinique, prophetic violence Jean-marie le pen- founder of extreme right neofascist movement the national front, kinda of racist wants to maintain old france culture Francois Truffaut- wrote an article that appeared in French film notebook, ‘400 blows’...
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final study sheet - Final 1944-present People Louis malle...

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