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SOCIOLOGY SECOND HALF PEOPLE Thomas Malthus o Principles of Population o Population will double every year unless food is in short supply o Limiting factors of population growth hunger/starvation, diseases, war, vice (birth control) o Answers to slowing population growth Delayed marriage Celibacy before marriage o New factors that affect Malthus’ theories 1) more land has been cultivated 2) better fertilizer 3) new sources of food production o Neo-Malthians say disaster is inevitable and we are hurting our environment (Nader) Marsha Guttentag o Too Many Women? ”—argues that high sex ratio means women are more restricted o High sex ration has two types of women Good women: get married, men are faithful Bad women: prostitutes, promiscuous o Low sex ratio creates 2 types of women Feminine: compliant to males, charming, subservient, super feminine Feminist: educated woman, find satisfaction in career because can’t find a man, work is gratification Marshall McLuhan
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o “The medium is the message.” o Understanding Media o Means of communication are the independent variable o Behavior is the dependant variable o “Global Village” o Largest audience to watch something on television 1981 when Princess Diana married Prince Charles o Human voice most heard around the world is Billy Graham o World Cup championships watched by 19% of world Ruth Benedict o Cultures of 3 pre-literate societies: Pueblos, Dobus, and Kwakiutls David Reisman o Poll of Harvard
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