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Dear Friend, There are so many things you can learn here at the University of Phoenix as with other colleges, the information you can learn is not as important as the ways to learnt here at the University of Phoenix there are online books, information for each class you are taking is extensive. Some of the resources include the online library with access to ebsco host which is a database of thousands of articles with lots of useful information. Another great and very useful application you can download to your phone and participate in the discussion questions while you are out and about. The resources for your classes are as endless as the internet itself so there is no shortage of ways to find the information you need for that big assignment you are getting ready to write. One of my favorite things about the college is that there are always people that I can get ahold of to help me with issues I’m having. Instructors give you every bit of information about them you need to contact them daily. So you should definitely get online and apply to the
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