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Do NOT write on these sheets or take them with you! The next class needs them too! PHYS-1200 PHYSICS II SPRING 2006 Class 21 Activity: The Photoelectric Effect SOLUTION Be careful not to look directly into the Mercury lamps. They emit ultraviolet radiation. Do NOT turn the mercury lamps off at any time during the class period. Turning them on and off will wear them out and delay your data-taking. You should, however, turn off the photoelectric head and multimeter when not in used. Taking Measurements Copy the following table onto your paper. You will fill it in during the experiment according to the numbered directions below. Color λ (nm) f (Hz) V s (V) K (J) Yellow 578.1 5.19E14 0.791 1.27E-19 Green 546.1 5.49E14 0.935 1.50E-19 Blue 435.8 6.88E14 1.479 2.37E-19 Violet 404.7 7.41E14 1.675 2.68E-19 u.v. 365.0 8.22E14 1.995 3.19E-19 1. Calculate the frequency associated with each color in the table, using c = f λ . (This can be done most easily with the Excel spreadsheet Act21.xls found on the activity page.) 2. Use the photoelectric head to measure the stopping potential V s for each color of light, following the bulleted directions below. Be sure to use the filters when measuring green and yellow. To take a measurement of stopping potential with the photoelectric head, follow these steps: If you are measuring a yellow line or green line, put the appropriately-colored filter over
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act21ans - Do NOT write on these sheets or take them with...

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