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pre-reading map - Wealthy countries have set up programs to...

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Jonathan Sherman Global Issues Global Economy Human Development Environment and Natural Resources Peace and Security Global Governance Why we should care A stable economy makes for a stable country. If the economy becomes unstable, the basic necessities will disappear Letting people live a life in which they can be happy, healthy, productive and have their basic needs met. The environment needs to be preserved. If we are not careful, then the world will be out of resources faster than we can come up with different ways to do things The world is not a safe place. With terrorism, war, and many other conflicts people need to feel safe in their own country Just like a country, the world needs some sort of government to resolve conflicts between different groups What has been done Many organizations have been created to help fix problems as the arise
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Unformatted text preview: Wealthy countries have set up programs to help poor ones. Companies and Governments have been doing a ton of research for alternative fuels and other ways to preserve the environment The UN and other organizations work constantly to peacefully resolve conflicts The UN and the IFI’s have been created to fix the world’s political and financial problems Pre-Reading Map What can be done Create more programs as new problems arise, put more effort into foreseeing problems Devote more time and money to improving life for those put in bad situations Just use less energy in general, finding other ways to produce it is good, but using less is helpful too Stay out of other countries’ business, and hopefully some peace will be created Add more programs to these two organizations to fix the problems as they arise...
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