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Personal Country Brief - What has already been done?...

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What has already been done? Unfortunately, not much has been done to fix the problem of coastal flooding in Argentina. There are multiple projects on the World Bank website, but most are research based and none actually fix the problem of flooding. The project we are doing, “Enabling Activity for Second National Communication of Argentine Government to the Convention on Climate Change,” starts to talk about doing something but still only goes as far as analyzing the data. Most of the projects focus on gathering more information about Climate Change and how it will affect the world rather than how it is affecting the world. It is very important that we have this information these projects are gathering and analyzing, however more effort needs to be geared towards fixing the problems that are affecting Argentina now. The death toll from these floods is climbing and the agriculture of the area is decreasing steadily. Unless more is done to fix this Argentina is going to be sent further and further into crisis and eventually collapse all together. Of the projects dealing with flooding in Argentina, only a few are doing anything
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Personal Country Brief - What has already been done?...

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