biology steroid paper - Steele 1 Ashton Steele February 18,...

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Steele 1 Ashton Steele February 18, 2008 Bio 102 Section 3 Rough Draft Steroids in Sports Whether you watch it on the news, read it in a magazine, see it on TV, or simply hear about it from a friend, steroid use in sports as well as in today’s society has become a prominent issue. With the unknowledgeable observance of anabolic steroid use, the side effects look extremely positive as they increase muscle mass enabling one to become stronger and more physically fit. This is especially alluring to athletes who take steroids to enhance their athletic performance and gain an advantage over the competition. As appealing as the outside, physical appearance may be, the side effects associated with anabolic steroids can do serious damage to the body and cause long term effects. In spite of the many laws that have been implemented in the U.S. to banish steroid use, athletes of all ages continue to use illegal steroids and continue to get caught. The reason of illegal anabolic steroid use in today’s society is to enhance athletic performance and ability even though the side effects are numerous and damaging. In order to understand the use and side effects of steroids, it is important to know what anabolic steroids consist of. The anabolic steroids are in fact made of testosterone that males naturally produce in their bodies causing them to mature and grow. Testosterone is a lipid that easily diffuses across the lipid bilayer of a plasma membrane and binds to receptors in the cytoplasm or nucleus to form a hormone-receptor complex (Starr 450). It helps the body retain dietary protein which is then used to aid the development of muscle mass and bone structure (Starr 450). While steroids can be used medically to aid cancer and AIDS patients, just like any other drug, illegal steroid use is also abused and used for self-help purposes. Side effects of
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biology steroid paper - Steele 1 Ashton Steele February 18,...

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