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Approved Project Proposal

Approved Project Proposal - The water will be coming from...

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Michael Mayfarth Matt Koziol Blake Morrison Approved Project Proposal Introduction: The Pullman/Moscow airport is in need of an adequate fire suppression system for the runway. In the event of an airplane fire, the suppression system will provide easier access to water as well as fulfill the requirements for airport fire flow demand. The final report will include background information, design ideas and concepts, calculations, cost estimates for materials, and city and county codes and regulations. Executive Summary: Our design involves placing a storage tank on a nearby hill top, large enough to supply the required demand and provide added static head. The number of hydrants will be determined based on a minimum spacing requirement of the FAA and Fire Marshal.
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Unformatted text preview: The water will be coming from the WSU water supply that is sold to the city for municipal use. The water is coming out of a water tower on a hill near the new golf course. The water stored near the airport will be pumped out with enough head to get the needed pressure at the hydrant on the North East end of the runway. Roles and Responsibilities: Michael Mayfarth: Geotechnical calculations, tank sizing and Autocad manipulation Matt Koziol: Pipe calculations, pump sizing and selection, and hydrant flow calculations Blake Morrison: Tank structural calculations, pump house design, and Liaison to Calvin George Calvin George: Supervising and sponsoring engineer...
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