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Unformatted text preview: logies for absence signed by supervisor RECOMMEDNATIONS FOR PHA SYSTEM RECOMMEDNATIONS • Written minutes and list required actions ­ signed • Actions taken report ­ written and signed off by Chairperson • Training Courses in ALL PHA techniques • Design of a PHA Route Map for ALL projects ­ checklists, HAZOP and FMEA TABLE 3 TABLE PROCESS HAZARD ANALYSIS TRAINING PROCESS METHODS METHODS PROCESS CHECKLISTS HAZOP SAFETY REVIEW FMECA (FMEA) DOW/MOND INDEX FAULT TREE PRELIMINARY HAZARD CONSEQUENCE ANALYSIS ANALYSIS WHAT IF” METHOD HUMAN ERROR ANALYSIS TABLE 4 TABLE TIMING OF SAFETY STUDIES PROJECT PHASE SAFETY Initial Concept Conceptual Safety Review Process Description Process Flow Diagrams Materials Schedule/Inventory Preliminary Layouts Dow Index Mond Index Safety Review Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs) Operation Philosophy Control Philosophy Layouts Hazardous Area Classification Drawings Checklist/Questionnaire FMEA HAZOP HAZAN Pre-Construction Issue Construction Final Process Safety Review Construction Safety Project Completion Plant Safety ADVANTAGES OF HAZOP METHOD ADVANTAGES • • • • • • • Formalised Approach Flexibility Documented Recommendations Documented Signing­Off Procedure Independent Chairperson HAZOP Requires ALL Attendees PHA Route Has An Economic Basis Route Map Route Note: See attachment Process Safety Programme Guideline Process...
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