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Powerfailure a site contractor excavating on site cut

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Unformatted text preview: project TABLE 1 KEY INCIDENTS IN WAFER INDUSTRY KEY 1. POWER FAILURE A site contractor excavating on site, cut clean through the main electricity power cable to site. Although an emergency power back­up supply was initiated, several weaknesses and failures were identified. • Certain programmable electronic control systems shut down without damage but were programmed to start up at difference phases in the operating sequence, that is, they were unsynchronised. • The scrubber water pumps were not on the emergency system (although the fans were on the back up system), resulting in a significant environmental emission. • Production downtime cost several million US$. TABLE 1 KEY INCIDENTS IN WAFER INDUSTRY KEY 2. MAINTENANCE ON BREATHING AIR SYSTEM A breathing air system (BAS) is a very long matrix of lines and connections to provide air for operators working in confined spaces or in a hazardous environment. A new section of line and connectors were added to an existing BAS. The section of line was iner...
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