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Unformatted text preview: ted with nitrogen during welding. On completion of the line modification the line was not purged with air. • Three operators attached breathing air connectors to the BAS and died or were seriously injured. TABLE 1 KEY INCIDENTS IN WAFER INDUSTRY KEY 3. PROCESS MODIFICATIONS An extension to an acid waste Neutralisation Plant was under construction and required a tie­in to the existing acid waste treatment plant. • The Operation Department were not informed by the Project Construction Group that the line had (or was to be cut) been cut. A large volume of highly acidic waste effluent was distributed throughout the site. Process Technology Component of a PSMP Process The important of this phase is to design out hazards or minimise the possibility of consequences of an accident during design TABLE 2 TYPICAL SITE CHEMICALS TYPICAL (Total inventory over 250 chemicals) LIQUIDS GASES HYDROFLUORIC ACID SILANE SULPHURIC ACID ARSINE NITRIC ACID DIBORANE SODIUM HYDROXIDE HYDROGEN CHLORINATED SOLVENTS OXYGEN HYDORCARBON SOLVENTS NITROGEN Process Safety Data Process • Chemical Approval Procedure • Analysis of the Material Safety Data Sheet • Check if the chemical is already on the • Company Approved Materials List • A COSHH type appraisal RECOMMENDATIONS FOR PHA MEETINGS RECOMMENDATIONS • Formal notice of time and date • Compulsory attendance by ALL pre­specified team members • Compulsory attendance by member of EHS Group • Written apo...
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