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Matt Koziol Mike Mayfarth Blake Morrison Chapter 3 Incidents for Discussion Smithson Company This incident is an opportunity to encourage students to look at the big picture. The tendency will be to dive into solving the “problem” which is exactly what Ms. Smatters is doing wrong. Ms. Smatters is heading in the right direction, but she is advocating a solution for a group (including Smithson) that doesn’t understand its problems. Before the group will be receptive to any solution they need to be convinced that they have a problem. One technique to further this discussion would be to conduct a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis with the management team. Smatters and Smithson, if he’s is not too overbearing, should participate in this discussion to help the management team see and understand both of their points of view. Other techniques that Smatters could use would include: Benchmarking trips to companies in related businesses who are not competitors. Training could be arranged for the team including attendance at well-known
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