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Ch4 Incidents for Discussion

Ch4 Incidents for Discussion - the people not just the...

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Michael Mayfarth Matt Kozoil Blake Morrison Ch. 4 Incident for Discussion Shaw’s Strategy There’s a good chance that in six weeks Colin will be a very unhappy camper. He may have put together the best project plan in the world, but if he doesn’t have buy-in from a critical mass of the team they won’t execute it. As the project sinks into lethargy, Colin may try to compensate by doing all the work himself. This will alienate the team even more by reinforcing their feelings that their ideas aren’t valued. While the previous approach may have seemed messier it gave a better overall result. To be an effective PM, Colin needs to learn to deal with the conflict and
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Unformatted text preview: the people, not just the technical details. I agree with the author, however I also think that with the individual “contracts” the employees may feel that they are not working for the company but working for Colin. This may further the alienation of the other project members. Without the constant feedback of the checkups with each member, the project may get off track and the person responsible for the critical path could derail the project. The human interface is one of the key parts of the business world. The lone sheep outside the herd will always be lost. We must keep the group together and cohesive in order to complete the task....
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