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Ch5 Incidents for Discussion

Ch5 Incidents for Discussion - simply multiply all of his...

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Blake Morrison Michael Mayfarth Matt Koziol Incidents for Discussion Ringold’s Pool and Patio Supply No, I do not think that John Jr.’s work break down structure is reasonable. There are a few thing missing that John Jr. needs to include in the WBS; first would be including travel time for his crews to get to the jobsites. Second somewhere John Jr. need to account for the cost for any equipment that will be needed that will be an additional cost (this includes gas and maintenance for work trucks.) Thirdly, John Jr. needs to plan for any unexpected problems. Many times when people estimate how many hours it will take to do a job; they make an error by estimating labor in an ideal situation. The truth is that almost always there is something that goes wrong and the job takes more time then estimated. In order to reduce this problem John Jr. could
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Unformatted text preview: simply multiply all of his times by 1.10 to account for any problems. Lastly, John Jr. needs to account for the price for all of the materials and labor that is needed to install the pool; this could be and electrical or plumbing needed. The aspects that John Sr. needs to consider is whether or not this will be profitable for his business. Expanding his business to a new arena will also generate more risks. John Sr. also needs to consider whether or not he has the staff, equipment, and skills to venture into this new business. John Sr. also needs to determine if this expansion is going to allow him to reach his long term goals for his company. Lastly, John Sr. should explore other possibilities that might be more profitable as well as more in line with his business’s long term goals....
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