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Incidents for Discussion Blake Morrison Stacee Laboratories Michael Mayfarth Matt Koziol In terms of is Ms. Tasha right; I think she is for the most part, as Ms. Tasha pointed out Stacee Laboratories is wasting valuable time by not communicating with Marketing and Governmental relations. In addition time is being wasted because Stacee Laboratories is not able to make prior arrangements with the toxicity and efficacy testers to test their latest drug. I think that Ms. Tasha’s recommendation for involving the efficacy groups is a great idea. Allowing efficacy groups to participate in the project from the beginning will allow them to plan for what they need to do later, along with understand the project better. Also working with the efficacy tester will help the Stacee Laboratories reduce the possible numbers of dead ends that project might pursue otherwise. Were I think Ms. Tasha is wrong is involving the marketing department too early. This would be silly because until the product is finalized marketing can not be done
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Unformatted text preview: because the product is simply not finalized. The one thing that Ms. Tasha neglected to suggest to Stacee Laboratories was implementing a better portfolio management process. Because Stacee Laboratories has many leads in regards to new pharmaceutical drugs it is necessary to have a great portfolio management process so that management can selected the most profitable and secure lead. The portfolio management will determine the leads in which to pursue through marketing. However it is important that once the project is determined that the marketing department stop working on the project. Yes, scoop creep could become a problem with the new integrated teams especially if the teams are not working together. The best way to prevent scoop creep would have good project planning and set clear definitions of requirements at the beginning of the project....
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