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Matt Koziol Blake Morrison Mike Mayfarth Ch. 6 Incidents for Discussion Pritchard Soap Co. The source of change in this project is the supplier’s inability to make schedule due to a strike. This “force majeure” event is clearly beyond the control of both the PM and the supplier. The delay in the supply had the potential to kill the project by causing the product launch to miss the important Christmas selling season. There are several alternatives that Sam should explore: Can the lab compress its schedule through overtime or outsourcing? Is there an alternative testing process that will be quicker? Is there another source of perfume? Does the supplier have limited samples of the actual or chemically equivalent product that can be used for the testing process? Can some of the new perfumes be tested in time, allowing at least a partial rollout of the product line at Christmas? If all of these fail, the project regrettably could be cancelled, or perhaps postponed until
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Unformatted text preview: next Christmas. I agree. The project is behind at no fault of the project manager or any one in her team. First off, though I’m sure this project was near and dear to her heart, she should not take this set-back personally. Secondly, there are a few things that she could still do or options to explore before throwing in the towel. The author mentions a good few of them. Also, this may not cancel the project, especially if even a few of the new scents could get to the market. This new system of adding perfume may still be worth the investment, even if all of its direct outputs aren’t ready by Christmas. Also, worst case scenario, the project gets moved to next Christmas or even perhaps Mother’s day or something similar. Bottom line, it was the fault of nobody in the company and senior management should understand this....
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