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Life and Death In the story “A Hanging” by George Orwell, a man has a revelation that will cement itself in his mind forever. It seemed like just another gloomy day in Burma to this magistrate. Today, just like numerous days before this one, it was time for a prisoner to face the gallows. However, this execution didn’t go as routine as expected. When they reached the yard, out of nowhere a dog appeared, and for some reason went straight for the prisoner to try and lick his face. Once the dog was contained the procession continued. About forty yards to the gallows, the magistrate started to watch as the prisoner walked clumsily yet steadily through the yard. What caught the magistrate’s eye was that the prisoner avoided stepping in a puddle despite having men on each shoulder.
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Unformatted text preview: Suddenly the magistrate came to the realization of what was about to happen. He was about to take part in the destruction of a living, breathing, feeling man. He said to himself, This man was not dying, he was alive just as we are alive. When they finally reached the gallows and the awful act was moments away from happening, the prisoner started crying out, Ram! Ram! Ram! Ram! non-stop, until the superintendent gave the signal, and all noises ceased. After inspecting the body to ensure its lifelessness, everyone moved out of the yard. On the walk back inside the magistrate noticed that everyone seemed somewhat relieved that the hanging was over, and then the convicts started chattering....
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