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Biology 111 Lab Practical
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Biology 111 Lab Practical :P Cell theory : all organisms are made of cells that store hereditary information in DNA. Gene theory : DNA sequences may be altered by mutation or by crossing over and segregation during meiosis. Theory of heredity : changes in DNA sequence produce individual, heritable variation. Theory of evolution : changes in DNA resulting in a more “fit” individual are passed down in greater numbers to the next generation, etc. genetic change over time. Scientific method : 1. observe a phenomenon and formulate questions 2. reflect on implications 3. propose a hypothesis 4. test the hypothesis 5. analyze the results 6. support, reject, or modify the hypothesis Difference between compound and dissecting microscopes: Dissecting use transmitted AND reflected light where as compound only uses transmitted. Dissecting is good for large, 3-d, opaque specimens. Dissecting has a lower magnification but a greater resolution compared to compound. Microscopes in general: as you move from higher to lower power, resolution increases
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