Exam 2 - Exam 2 CRIME(Felonies Reported and observed crime...

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Exam 2 CRIME (Felonies) Reported and observed crime Investigation Arrest- based on probable cause, arrest made. Take photos and prints. Charges filed Initial appearance- occurs in a local court (magistrates court). Suspect is notified of charges against them. Also informed of legal rights in trial. Preliminary hearing- first testing of evidence. Some key witnesses appear. Judge determines whether or not there seems to be sufficient evidence to proceed. “Prima Facie” evidence. Bail or detention hearing- court determines whether or no someone should be released on bail Grand Jury- 23 jurors who hear the case as presented by prosecution and decide whether there is enough evidence to indict. Refusal to indict Information- is a process in court where prosecutor reports evidence to judge Arraignment- occurs shortly before trial defendant notified on specific charges for trial. Defendant enters plea of guilty or not guilty. Defendant elects trial by jury or bench trial (judge only). Trial- 12 jurors in a trial needs to be unanimous verdicts for convictions and acquaintances. Mistrial (Hung Jury)- if jury cannot reach a unanimous decision. Guilty plea- 90% of convictions are guilty pleas Conviction Sentencing Appeal Appeal is based on possible error in the court procedure Appeal goes to superior court, panel of judges Appeal can then go to state supreme court Corrections
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Probation- supervision in the community Habeas corpus- petition that someone in prison files, like an appeal but after sent to
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Exam 2 - Exam 2 CRIME(Felonies Reported and observed crime...

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