Psychology Exam 2 - Psychology Exam 2 Chapter 6 Perception...

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Psychology Exam 2 Chapter 6 Perception o Selective attention means that at any moment our awareness focuses, like a flashlight beam, on only a limited aspect of all that we experience. o Gestalt- an organized whole. Gestalt psychologists emphasized our tendency to integrate pieces of information into meaningful wholes. o Grouping- the perceptual tendency to organize stimuli into coherent groups. o Proximity- We group nearby figures together. o Similarity - We group together figures that are similar to each other. o Continuity - We perceive smooth, continuous patterns rather than discontinuous ones. o Connectedness - Because they are uniform and linked, we perceive the two dots and the line between them as a single unit. o Closure - We fill in gaps to create a complete, whole object. o Monocular Clues- depth cues Relative size -If we assume that two objects are similar in size, we perceive the one that casts the smaller retinal image as farther away. Interposition - If one object partially blocks our view of another, we perceive it as closer. Relative clarity- Because light from distant objects passes through more atmosphere, we perceive hazy objects as farther away than sharp, clear objects. Texture gradient- A gradual change from a coarse, distinct texture to a fine, indistinct texture signals increasing distance. Relative Height- We perceive objects higher in our field of vision as farther away. Relative Motion- As we move, objects that are actually stable may appear to move. Linear Perspective-
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Psychology Exam 2 - Psychology Exam 2 Chapter 6 Perception...

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