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Theory WebQ -- Section AH Page 1 of 1 The goal of this assignment on communication theory is to provide you an opportunity to (1) demonstrate your understanding of the range of communication traditions and (2) apply your knowledge of the traditions to a new example. Please read the directions for each question carefully. You should use complete sentences throughout. Consider the following scene: Three communication scholars have been brought together to help a colleague strategize about how to address a problem. Here's what they had to say: Lily: Thank you all for agreeing to help me think through this problem. I've asked each of you to join in the conversation because your unique perspectives on communication will help us get multiple perspectives on the situation. So, let me explain what's happening and then hear what you have to say in response. Here's the problem: Brian and Will have known each other since they were quite young, and have always been friends. Recently, however, they have gone off to different universities and their friendship has become troubled. Brian decided to stay close to his hometown of Fife, and is attending the University of Washington where he immediately found a group of like-minded friends and is staying up late most nights discussing world politics. Will, however, has moved to Spokane to attend Gonzaga University, and is having some trouble adjusting. He tries to call his friend Brian almost every night, but Brian ignores his cell phone because he is so wrapped up in his conversations. How can we help Brian and Will maintain their long-term friendship as well as develop new friendships at their respective schools? Frank: Obviously, Brian is connecting much more meaningfully with people in his new community than is Will. The intense conversations he is having with others are really allowing him to experience them and their ideas in exciting and genuine ways. It sounds like he once had this with Will as well. Perhaps they both need to figure out how to bring their new experiences to their existing friendship in a way that will allow them to see the changing nature of their identities and their relationship. Phenomenological
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Theory WebQ - Theory WebQ Section AH Page 1 of 1 The goal...

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