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Dialectical Tensions WebQ - The purpose of this WebQ...

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The purpose of this WebQ exercise is to allow you an opportunity to work with examples of Baxter & Montgomery's dialectical tensions. Using the film, "Ice Age: The Meltdown," you will be asked to identify and explain examples of EACH of the three dialectical tensions. For the purposes of this WebQ, use the general labels for the dialectical tensions, rather than the specific labels used when they are either internal or external dialectics. Please follow the directions very carefully. Question 1. Please name one of the dialectical tensions discussed by Baxter and Montgomery. Integration/Separation Question 2. In your own words, explain the dialectical tension you named in the previous question. (Your answer here should be 2-3 sentences long.) The integration/separation dialectical tension refers to the stress between a couple wanting to be together or connected and at the same time maintain individual independence or separation. As a couple works through this tension they form a stronger bond with one another. Question 3. What is an example of this dialectical tension from the movie, "Ice Age: The Meltdown?" (For this response, use specific examples from the film, focusing on the communication that occurred between characters. Your answer should be 4-5 sentences long.) An example of integration/separation tension in Ice Age can be seen occurring between Sid and Manny early in the movie. While they start their journey Sid is singing songs to Manny about him being the last mammoth. Manny becomes frustrated by this and attempts to limit conversation with Sid. After frustration builds up for Manny he leaves Sid to be by himself and
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Dialectical Tensions WebQ - The purpose of this WebQ...

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