Group Decision making

Group Decision making - Here, I provide you with a group...

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Here, I provide you with a group scenario. Below, I ask you a series of questions to guide you through helping the group come to a good decision. Please (1) follow the directions carefully, (2) write in complete sentences, and (3) focus clearly on the questions asked. Scenario : You and a group of 5 friends have decided to pursue a community service project together. None of you has really done much community service in the past, and you don't know exactly where to begin. However, you are all very excited and decide to meet for coffee to choose a project for your community service action. You have just completed COM 202 and you volunteer to help the group work through the four requisite functions to help ensure a good decision. Question 1. What is the first requisite function you would have the group engage in? You can just name it here. Analyze the problem Question 2. Please explain what generally happens in this function. By "generally," I mean that you should not yet apply this to the scenario. Just write about this function in your own words. Your response should be 2-3 complete sentences. In this function group members must look at the current situation and determine if there is a difference between now and the desired situation. The group must take a realistic look at the situation and decide if something that is happening need to be enhanced or changed. Question 3. What kinds of things would you encourage your group to talk about in order to fulfill this function? Here, you should provide specific examples that illustrate the more general explanation you gave in your previous response. Your answer should be 4-5 complete sentences.
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Group Decision making - Here, I provide you with a group...

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