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1ribosomes 2cellwall 3mitochondria

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Unformatted text preview: ent, produce spores) ANIMAL­LIKE PROTISTA ANIMAL­LIKE PROTISTA Protozoa Which characteristic would you expect the Protozoa to lack? 1) Ribosomes 2) Cell wall 3) Mitochondria 4) Heterotrophic nutrition 5) Nuclear membrane 6) They would have all of the above Flagellates= move with flagella Flagellates= move with flagella Zooflagellates The 9+2 structure of Eukaryotic The 9+2 structure of Eukaryotic flagella & cilia Clicker Question Clicker Question A) B) When we consider the evolution of the Eukaryotic flagellum, does it seem likely that the bacterial flagellum was its ancestra...
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