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Unformatted text preview: hesis of Evidence for Endosymbiotic Hypothesis of the origin of mitochondria & chloroplasts Similarities between bacteria & mitochondria & chloroplasts: 1) Binary fission 2) Size 3) Single circular naked DNA 4) Same sized ribosomes (small) 5) Protein synthesis inhibited by antibiotics 6) Enzymes for synthesis of DNA, RNA, Protein similar 7) Electron transport system in the walls of the structure 8) Experiment: Chloroplast ribosomes + bacterial ribosomes hybrid ribosome functions normally. Evidence for Endosymbiotic Hypothesis Evidence for Endosymbiotic Hypothesis 9. Mutualism is very common in bacteria & Protista: e.g. Protozoan in termite guts Mixotricha paradoxa Clicker Question Clicker Question A) B) C) D) E) Malaria parasites are protozoans that live in red blood cells of humans. How many cell membranes would an oxygen molecule from the RBC have to pass through in order to reach the center of a malaria parasite’s mitochondrion? One Two Three Four Five Evidence that Arch...
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