Howdidmitosisevolve howdidmeiosisevolve

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Unformatted text preview: m? How did their structures evolve? How did sex evolve? How did mitosis evolve? How did meiosis evolve? Who are the Protista? Who are the Protista? Eukaryotic (= true nucleus) Membrane bound organelles Usually single celled Mostly asexual reproduction Who are the Protista? Who are the Protista? Three major groups 1) Animal­like Protista = Protozoa (Lack chloroplasts; classified by locomotion; heterotrophic) 2) Fungal­like Protista (Lack chloroplasts; produce spores; heterotrophic) 3) Plant­like Protista = Unicellular algae (Have chloroplasts; photosynthetic; classified by pigments) Animal­like Protista Animal­like Protista Protozoa Four major groups 1) Flagellates (move with flagella) 2) Ciliates (move with cilia) 3) Amoebae (move with pseudopods) 4) Sporozoa (lack movem...
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