Posturebipedalism 2 4 legged 2 legged increases sight

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Unformatted text preview: on Key 1) Development of Opposable Thumb & Development Grasping Hand Grasping 2) Posture/Bipedalism 2) 4 legged • • • • • • 2 legged Increases sight range Frees hands for manipulation &carrying Loss of opposable toe Loss of tail Change in pelvic girdle Shift in foramen magnum Loss of opposable toe Shift for more stability Dog Chimp Shift Shift in foramen magnum foramen (opening for spinal chord) Quadrupeds have it in the Quadrupeds back of the skull. back Bipeds have it underneath. Human Is this a biped or quadruped or something in between? between? A) Biped B) Quadruped C) Not strictly C) either,but in between between Eye socket View from underneath skull 3) Skull shape changes 3) Face shortens & Brain case enlarges Prosimians (e.g. lemurs) Simians (e.g. monkeys) Shape of Jaw Changes Shape 4) Brain Size Increases 4) Primate Brains Primate Human Human Chimpanzee Monkey 5) Increase in in Body Size Size 6) Reproduction 6) As body size increases Embryo & offspring development time Parental Care increases Transfer of Learning from parents 7) Social Behavior increases in complexity, with increased co-operation and communication increased Solitary Solitary Sma...
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