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Suwa and lovejoy made virtual reconstructions of the

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Unformatted text preview: s with brushes, syringes, and dental tools. Suwa and Lovejoy made virtual reconstructions of the crushed skull and pelvis, scanning them with micro-computer tomography. Nine years later ,having mastered the necessary technology , Suwa had reassembled the fragments into a virtual skull. By March of 2009, and the 10th reconstruction, he was satisfied. In Ohio, Lovejoy was finally satisfied that his 14th version of the pelvis was accurate. In October, 2009, they published their results in Science magazine, 20 years after the first discovery. The Authors So where does Ardi fit in the scheme of human evolution? The fossils were found in a layer of soil sandwiched between two volcanic layers that are dated radiometrically as 4.4 million years old. So this puts it “This is not an ordinary fossil. It’s not a chimp. It’s not a human. It shows us what we used to be,” said Tim White, co-director of the project, a paleontologist at the University of California at Berkeley. But just what did we used to be? Human Evolution Human Wha...
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