The search goes on here then is one story in the long

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Unformatted text preview: populations. The search goes on. Here then, is one story in the long journey to find our ancestors. December 17, 1992 When graduate student Gen Suwa saw a glint among the pebbles in the desert of Ethiopia, he knew immediately it was a “human” molar. Suwa called the team and on hands and knees they scoured the rocks looking for bone fragments. There ,near the village of Aramis, they knew they had something special , a hominin , older than Lucy—a once in a lifetime discovery. Tim White’s team had done it again. Months and years were to pass as more pieces were found and pieced together— pelvis, leg, ankle, foot, hand and jaw— --the rarest of finds, a partial skeleton of a new “human” fossil. It was a female and they nicknamed it “Ardi,” short for Ardipithecus ramidus ; not only a new species, but a new genus! The White team eventually found over 100 specimens of the new species. Anthropologist Owen Lovejoy of Kent University said, “This team seems to suck fossils out of the earth.” White and others spent years removing clay from the bone...
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