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Book Report - Houston Scarborough Prof. Gray Life - 12/4/07...

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Houston Scarborough Prof . Gray Life - 12/4/07 The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown posed a question to mainstream society that few people chose to face . Arguments have risen over whether or not Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and if they created a bloodline that has been maintained up to this day . Dan Brown turned the Christian world upside down with his story, arguments over this topic once again became heated . In response to Brown’s literary rebuttal to conventional Christian belief, Bart Ehrman wrote Truth and Fiction in The Da Vinci Code . The greatest difference between the two books are the story lines, Ehrman’s novel is strictly raising the faults within Dan Brown’s story . Ehrman’s greatest goal in his novel was to separate fact from fiction but maintain the integrity of Brown’s story . The criticism written by Bart Ehrman directed towards Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code does not defame or take away from the book’s success and accomplishments . Ehrman’s novel instead corrects the historical flaws that were meant as credibility towards the characters knowledge . The first quarter of Ehrman’s novel dealt primarily with the historical references made by Sir Leigh Teabing, a wealthy Holy Grail scholar in Brown’s story . Teabing makes multiple Biblical references throughout the story to justify his beliefs but the historical accuracy of his references are somewhat skewed according to Ehrman . In The Da Vinci Code Sir Teabing states that Constantine was a life long pagan worshipper, when in fact according to Ehrman, Constantine turned away from paganism
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Book Report - Houston Scarborough Prof. Gray Life - 12/4/07...

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