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Big and Bad - 1 Big and Bad Are SUVs as dangerous to...

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1. Big and Bad - Are SUVs as dangerous to drivers as Gladwell claims? Do your own research and find out how people drive. Does the type of car affect one’s driving? Do people think it does? Are there other safety concerns or benefits regarding SUVs that Gladwell doesn’t mention? In Malcolm Gladwell’s article Big and Bad, Gladwell argues that bigger is not necessarily better. Being a driver of a truck or SUV there is a preconceived notion that safety is guaranteed from being larger that other vehicular threats. Myself being a driver of a truck, I am less intimidated by a Honda Civic than a truck of equal or greater size than mine. Having the ability to see beyond traffic and anticipate the traffic’s actions is equal assurance to that of the smaller cars ability for active avoidance. However, what smaller cars lack in size, is recovered in their safety components the driver’s confidence in the safety they have been provided.
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