Comparitive Paper 3

Comparitive Paper 3 - The Defining Path Rising from a...

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The Defining Path Rising from a single, original body Christianity today consists of many different denominations . The reason for the reconstruction of Christians is due to disagreements and disapproval of ongoing acts within the mainframe of the church . Theologians such as Friedrich Schleirermacher and Karl Barth were instrumental in initiating such disagreements because of their respective disapprovals for church mandates and orders . Both Schleirermacher and Barth have differing opinions of what religion is, and each validate their claims scripturally . What best uncovers religion’s true meaning is a blend of both Schleirermacher and Barth’s deviation from what originally was practiced . Lost between the metaphysical and the moral, and the “Divine Revelation” is the discovery of humankind’s own religion . Religion according to Friedrich Schleirermacher is the dualistic marriage of strict moral bindings and comprehension of the infinite . This comprehension of the infinite is a metaphysical understanding of what is there but cannot be touched, which is religion . Schleirermacher explains this metaphysical understanding as being “A mixture of
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Comparitive Paper 3 - The Defining Path Rising from a...

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