Why Hitler 2

Why Hitler 2 - Raising Hitler The events that occurred on...

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The events that occurred on January 30 th , 1933 were the result of the culmination of years of meticulous planning and stone cold desire . For Adolf Hitler the opportunity of becoming the Chancellor of Germany was worth the efforts put forth to acquire the coveted position . The 30 th of January, 1933 placed Hitler on a pedestal with a view that he had long desired to observe . Hitler was finally able to view the entirety of his German Empire as a play toy and his subjects expendable . To capture the hearts and minds of innocent civilians for his own personal gain, were calculated and exercised with precision . Ultimately, Hitler and the National Socialist’s goal was to establish the ideal German volk, a pure Aryan race and achieve economic dominance . “If you ask me what I think evil is, it’s the incomplete,” said Lord Alan Bullock 1 . Hitler in many respects was incomplete, and that specific lacking quality most likely is rooted in his upbringing . Raised by a father with previous children and wives, Hitler was born unto his father’s third wife . Prior to Adolf’s birth, his mother had given birth to three children that did not survive infancy . Adolf was his mother’s fourth born, but first living child, and his father’s third son . Adolf as a child was neglected by his father who had issues of his own, issues with far greater importance than the proper upbringing of his son . Unfortunately, the deaths of Adolf’s siblings were the last of his family curse when Adolf’s father, Aloise dies in 1899 2 . At age eight Hitler was left to raise himself 1 Rosenbaum, Ron. Explaining Hitler. New York City, New York: Random House, 1998. p. 78.
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Why Hitler 2 - Raising Hitler The events that occurred on...

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