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Work Cited Baker, Allen, Steven Zahniser. "Ethanol Reshapes the Corn Market." Amber Waves. Vol. 4. 30-35. Cunningham, Aimee. "Farm-Fuel Feedback: Soybeans Have Advantages Over Corn." Science News 170 (2006). McGraw-Hill's AccessScience. Rhodes College, Memphis, TN. Economides, Michael J, Arthur W. Francis, “Liquefied natural gas (LNG)”, in [email protected],, DOI 10.1036/1097-8542.385900. Harmon, Robert. “Alternative vehicle-propulsion systems.” Mechanical Engineering- CIME 114.n3 (March 1992):58(8). Science Database . Gale. Rhodes College. 6 Dec. 2007. Heath, Michelle. “Alternative fuels for vehicles”, in [email protected],
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Unformatted text preview: . DOI 10.1036/1097-8542.757512 Heiman, Michael K., and Barry D. Solomon. "Fueling U.S. Transportation." Environment (2007. InfoTrac Custom Journals. Rhodes College, Memphis, TN. 6 Dec. 2007. Ondrey, Gerald. “Landfill yields LNG for vehicle fuel. (Chementator).” Chemical Engineering 114.7 (July 2007). Science Database. Gale. Rhodes College. 6 Dec. 2007. . Raloff, Janet. "Gas Tanks Could Guzzle Half of U.S. Corn Yields." Science News 171 (2007). [email protected] Rhodes College. 5 Dec. 2007....
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