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Houston Scarborough English 151 The New Yorker Prof . Finlayson – 1,630 words Time Will Tell Future success of The New Yorker relies on the author’s ability to trigger responses by the reader . The New Yorker is a progressive magazine because it raises awareness of diminishing resources, criticizes social behavior, and challenges ethical standards . Articles by John Seabrook, Judith Thurman, and Dana Goodyear presents quality arguments that will carry The New Yorker through time . The New Yorker brings to light issues such as world seed shortages 1 , unconventional dieting methods 2 , and non- traditional collegiate education 3 . The stereotypical reader of The New Yorker anticipates an article to capture their intellectual senses and invoke an educated response . Readers anticipate articles summoning the reader to action and recognize alarming issues whose urgency has been disregarded . With the expectations and with The New Yorker’s past ability to meet expectations of the reader, the New Yorker will continue to thrive as a progressive magazine . The New Yorker magazine has placed itself as the paradigm for higher intellectual reading . In opening The New Yorker readers will be captivated by articles addressing politics in foreign countries, issues of war in contrast to opening mainstream tabloids and reading of celebrity scandals . Readers look forward to the weekly read that allows them 1 Pathos 2 Ethos 3 Logos 1
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to escape from their computer desk for ten pages . Writers for The New Yorker are the heart of the article; writing is their passion and their articles exude their interest in even the most frivolous topics . This is what makes The New Yorker popular to the educated, mainly urban readers . Mundane topics written with the intensity as if the cure for cancer is being addressed . The arguments typically in The New Yorker present to the open mind, without bias; however still convey a personal emotion from the author . The overall goal of The New Yorker is not to instigate an uprising but instead make notice of a bypassed point of interest such as agriculture within New York City as written by Adam Gopnik . Unrecognized facts of life will continue to be represented in The New Yorker , maintaining its status as a progressive magazine in the sense that the articles cover typical issues associated with publication . The New Yorker is progressive without respect to politics . Sophisticated topics in
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English Essay 3 - Houston Scarborough English 151 The New...

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