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Unformatted text preview: fyo[zaf, CI^/A, c€ll wulls-qll *y r.ubb,*r ' O,o^ f f *+\t*n* l r!'-0fgr^,te ," Qr*n 5oel -fr' 5i^", I l atSauu'c rrh*ic rl .A Struc.fure r\ foronS cl1€ fu'ue l&b is f ql-o^ic = r{ l\p E t e,f,r ^ s cav vrn*Bylao I o, ,o orol rtvclw:; b.J n';['uau yrotss 'l etu''hrronn (+ Au"gr) otv.a\ c,4 uru{. Wovtyous /t fur;t*) feol i'r {hu wvcTws, 5 ct" U36 (!) *i,wzt tt/arc lWtq alcchtm s vWIq h tn I or ".r"t,qno ..e Btt fttny a,ve o*t G "'rftS,l"tu cto,f, "f ,e{trt c{tttrlaol M r,lecflu^. ) , Y,q:uhr...
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