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Cryababies - Houston Scarborough English 151 The New Yorker...

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Houston Scarborough English 151 The New Yorker Professor Finlayson Questions faced throughout life have their answers, however for the infant illness colic, no standard solution exists. Jerome Groopman’s article “Crybabies” sheds light onto this well known unsolved mystery. Babies inevitably cry, but the frightening idea behind that is not knowing the cause for the cry or if the baby is in serious pain. Groopman establishes his argument through anecdotes and how deeper issues may originate from babies with colic. Groopman begins his article by gaining sympathy through a painful story of a baby affected by colic. The mother of the baby is “as helpless as the babies themselves,” and is stuck without an answer as to how to help her child, and eventually helping herself. Groopman summarizes the frustration generated inside the mother of the colicky baby in saying, “We expect doctors to provide not only a name and an explanation for our suffering but a prescription.” (Groopman 47). The entirety of the article is essentially
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