Future success of the New Yorker relies on the author�s ability to trigger responses by the

Future success of the New Yorker relies on the author�s ability to trigger responses by the

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Future success of the New Yorker relies on the author’s ability to trigger responses by the reader. Issues of the future will be questioned by the New Yorker with the hope of raising awareness of diminishing resources, criticizing social flaws, or challenging unconventional ethics. Articles by John Seabrook, Judith Thurman, and Dana Goodyear present the quality of articles that will carry the New Yorker through time. The New Yorker brings to light issues such as world seed shortages, unethical dieting methods, and non-traditional collegiate education. The stereotyped, educated reader of the New Yorker anticipates an article to capture the senses and invoke a response. Readers anticipate articles that summon the reader to action and recognize alarming issues whose urgency has been disregarded. Issues created today will spawn results available for raising awareness, criticizing, and challenging in years to come. Where will the New Yorker be? - how the New Yorker establishes point of views for the open minded
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Unformatted text preview: -people still want to read and intellectually stimulating articles John Seabrook: Seeds-wants to invoke response to growing issue of diminishing supply of plant seeds in world seed banks-brings to light/raises awareness that our life duration relies on our willingness to take action Judith Thurman: The Fast Lane-recognizes hang-ups in society-criticizes the culture we live in -points out American’s problem with dealing with their problems Dana Goodyear: The Searchers-addresses unethical approach to a college education-challenges which is better learning environments desert vs. urban environment-presents an idea of college life few knew about Conclusion:- Clarify that New Yorker is a forward looking magazine, preparing its path for another 25 years. Restate that pathos, egos, and logos, will continue to create valuable arguments and emotional stimuli. There will always be a reader intrigue by the under documented, but well deserving facts of life....
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