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Houston Scarborough Dr . Voss Roberts Life 3/31/08 Father Meadow shed a new light on homosexuality within in the Christian in his talk . The biblical reference he made along with adequate argument, is proof of his trialed past with the church hierarchy . Challenged for being the leader of the “gay church,” his church members like their reputation and because of their reputation have drawn closer together as a church community . Father Meadow’s most profound argument came with the question of how he answers to anti-homosexual question with scriptural evidence . To paraphrase Father Meadow, he replies, the Bible has a great deal to say about women in the church, and the church has evolved, and the Bible speaks on slavery, and the church
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Unformatted text preview: has changed their outlook on that as well . What Father Meadows believed was that the church is going to eventually evolve to better welcome all forms of Christians . He believes the Bible is still in writing, that we today are writing and evolving the Bible, and it evolves with our society . Father Meadow mentioned that he has done a great deal to make his church mainstream, and that even though other churches interact with his church, they do so as if they are bound to do so. This insincerity has challenged Father Meadow every step of his way to make his beliefs more accepted and respected....
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