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Life debate response - Be thankful for the body you are...

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Houston Scarborough Dr. Voss Roberts – Life 2/12/08 Debate Response Early Christianity gave mixed messages towards whether or not the body was upheld to the holiest standards . The Bible does give reference to sorts of denigration however they are in a sense of punishment and example setting . Ultimately however early Christianity does not denigrate the body with disrespect to the body as God’s creation . The group against the idea of Biblical denigration of the body had the most supportive arguments . Drawing an example from the Virgin Mary held the greatest impact on the opposing team . Johnika mentioned Mary being the chosen one by God to carry His Son, being that she was a virgin Jesus came from a pure being . This to me was the greatest example of non-denigration of the body in Biblical text . Using Mary exemplifies God’s purpose for the body, which is to maintain what is given to you . Joseph said the body is a temple, so treat it like one . This too is true, your body is not given to you with the purpose of mistreated and disrespected
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Unformatted text preview: . Be thankful for the body you are given and treat your body accordingly . Early Christianity does offer some ideas of denigration of the body by means of corporal punishment . There are examples of Biblical characters coming down with leprosy, and some occasional lashings . However these stories of such bodily harm are down so for the purpose of forewarning others of the possible consequences for their actions . God himself does not advertise and support disrespect for the body he gives us, but rather uses his examples sparingly as to not send the message of denigration of the body is acceptable. Denigrating the body can be viewed in several respects, although what this boils down to is not respecting the body God has given to you. Ungratefulness for what you are given is the mother this type of denigration God imposed upon the ancients. Respecting what you are given reciprocates you respect for God....
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Life debate response - Be thankful for the body you are...

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