PSYC 2054 Fall 2007 Test 2 Notes

PSYC 2054 Fall 2007 Test 2 Notes - Psychology of...

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Unformatted text preview: Psychology of Personality Test 2 Study Guide Psychobiological Organization Biological organization : interaction between organism [O] and environment [E]; interaction is all-pervasive (becomes diffused throughout every part) and endless; less meaningful to study personality outside the frame of the O-E complex Organism-environment complex : [O] and [E] are bound together in an inextricable relationship of reciprocal determination that is both successive and simultaneous; all- pervasive and endless Fundamental unity/reciprocal determination : [O] and [E] are fundamentally whole and cannot be separated; their relationship is reciprocated in one another Psychophysiological complex/emergent interactivism (Sperry) : consciousness is the dynamic, emergent, configurational properties of the living brain in action; these properties in the brain have causal control potentcy just as everywhere else in the universe; brain is a holarchically organized complexity Transactional system of behavior [B] : the complete set of transactional interrelationships standing between [O] and [E], mediating their commerce; [O] <---> [E] interfacing system, affected by and affecting [O], affected by and affecting [E]; man's activities illustrates the principle of operant reinforcement, because operant behavior alters the environment and is, in turn, altered by its own effect on the environment Enriched, expanded life formula : [O] can be taken as the interaction between [C] and [P] (psychological organization) as they interact with [B] and [E], all following the general system characteristics (1-3) over time (t) Psychobiological Organization and Personality Psychological paradigms as [C] <---> [B] integrals : personality is the complete set of...
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course PSYC 2054 taught by Professor Jgermana during the Fall '07 term at Virginia Tech.

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PSYC 2054 Fall 2007 Test 2 Notes - Psychology of...

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