Chapter 13

is the child capable of engaging in this behavior

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Unformatted text preview: behavior displace the problem? - Is the child capable of engaging in this behavior? - What prevents this behavior from occurring? Interpersonal skills in the interview Interpersonal Starting the interview – setting expectations Nonverbals – eye contact, head nods, posture, Nonverbals proximity, etc. proximity, Minimal verbals – uhuh, I see, okay, etc., Minimal Paraphrase Paraphrase Reflection Reflection Descriptive praise Descriptive Structuring Structuring Open ended questions & focus Open Direct Observation Assessment Direct Observe in normal situations (when the problem Observe usually occurs) usually Focus on immediate antecedents and Focus consequences consequences Describe events objectively Avoid inferences or assumptions Record enough episodes to see patterns in the Record antecedents and consequences antecedents Outcome - Develop hypotheses about likely Outcome controlling variables Descriptive ABC Recording Descriptive ABC Checklist ABC Interval A-B-C recording Interval A = attention, D =demand, E = escape, PB = problem behavior AD E PB AD E PB AD E PB AD E PB AD E PB AD E PB AD E PB AD E PB AD E PB AD E PB AD E PB AD E PB AD E PB AD E PB AD E PB AD E PB AD E PB AD E PB AD E PB AD E PB AD E PB AD E PB AD E PB AD E PB AD E PB AD E PB AD E PB AD E PB AD E PB AD E PB Functional Analysis Functional Manipulate antecedents (possible MOs) and/or Manipulate consequences (possible reinforcers) Observe changes in the behavior Observe Replicate Replicate Two types of FA – – Exploratory -Test a range of possible functions Hypothesis testing - Test hypothesis from descriptive Hypothesis assessment assessm...
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