Chapter 13

As a consequence his teacher sends him to time out in

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Unformatted text preview: do difficult math problems. As a consequence, his teacher sends him to “time out” in the back of the class. When disruptive behavior occurs in the special ed. class, his teacher requires him to complete math problems anyway. As a result, the problem behavior rarely occurs in the special ed. class. Problem behavior: disruptive behavior Problem Alternative behavior: __________________ Antecedents: SD ____________ EO ______________ ____________ Reinforcing consequence: __________________ Treatment options: _______________________ Shelly is a 15 year old student with severe mental retardation and little functional language in a special ed. class. During “prevocational work activities” she sits at a table with 5 peers and is expected to do repetitive tasks (e.g., sorting) for a hour. Her teacher is frequently busy handling materials and dealing students at other tables. When her teacher is not near by, Shelly slaps Mavis, the student next to her. Mavis screams and the teacher runs over to Shelly and scolds her. Aggressive behavior only occurs when Mavis sits next to Shelly. Other students have hit Shelly back so she no longer slaps them. Problem behavior: slapping Mavis Problem Alternative behavior: _______________________ Antecedents: SD____________ EO ______________ Reinforcing consequence: __________________ Treatment options: ____________________...
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